Opening of Irish Sailing Performance HQ Leads to an Olympic Boost

The establishment of the headquarters f Irish Sailing High Performance has led to a sudden boost in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics for Ireland. The opening of the headquarters in Dun Laoghaire Harbor was done at a cost of €300,000 that was wholly funded by the Irish Sailing Foundation. This is also known to be first base ever established for the Sailing Team of the Irish.

Sailors counting up to thirteen will be based in the headquarters. Among these sailors who are silver medalists are also a part. Some names include Annaise Murphey along with Kate Tingle. They will be seen as a fresh sailing duo. Annalise was reported as saying that the launch of the headquarters will boost the morale of the sailors as it will give them a better platform to train as a team and to share new and old experiences. She said that it will only help to get a better performance of the Irish sailors especially now, seeing that the Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner.

The HQ aims to provide better training opportunities to Ireland’s sailors. The HQ also gives improves educational platform of these sailors. The motive is to enhance the capacity of winning more medals in international competitions. The whole move is seen to be a big step in the path to making Ireland wins more medals in its sailing journey. The head coach of the Irish Sailing Performance- Rory Fitzpatrick also believes the same.

Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’ Connor officially opened the HQ and said that the facility will prove to be highly beneficial in not only the Olympics but also the long run.

Even the Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Sailing- Harry Hermon said that the HQ will help in giving Irish Sailing a shape and focus and is an amazing step when it comes to development at the global stage.