The World Is Shaken By Ben Ainslie

Mr. Ben Ainslie has surely shaken the world by extreme end step related to his America’s Cup group taken in partnership with INEOS. INEOS happens to be one of the world’s biggest makers of synthetic concoctions and oil items and it has been reported that the company has furrowed £110 million. According to him, the step can be justified for bringing his place’s i.e. – Britain the seasoned global trophy back.

One of the most major deals with this partnership stands with the company holding the rights over the name which would no longer contain any of Ainslie’s name or abbreviation and hence his name now would never again be the framing structure or skeleton name of the group.

The team which is based in Portsmouth would now be called the INEOS Team GB instead of the former name Land rover BAR wherein BAR stood for Mr. Ben Ainslie Racing.

As the INEOS enters with the huge £110 million investment, the sponsors land rover and 11th Hour Racing would be making an exit and hence it will be a completely new start for the team. Limewood, Projekt and the Grenadier are also the components of the INEOS stable and the structure of the ownership has also transformed due to the withdrawing of the Charles Dunstone, the founder of carphone warehouse and Sir Keith Mills.

There was a deal that was declared and established at the prospect of Whitby pub that is located in the wapping and happens to be one of the oldest maritime pubs of London. This meet will finally hire Ainslie’s race team’s lock stock.

The people who would be having charge of their places would include, Grant Simmer as CEO, Ainslie as the Team Principal, Chief Designer would be Nick Holroyd along with Jono Macbeth and Giles Scott as team manager and tactician respectively.