Tracy Edwards Buys Back Yacht

Many sailors get attached to their boats and with good reason.

They are expensive and lifetime investments for many. Often, many are forced to sell off their yachts, either for economic reasons or to move on to bigger or better investments. Some, however, develop an attachment to their boat that remains even if they are forced to sell it off. For instance, Tracy Edwards, who is skipper for a world sailing crew, was reunited with a yacht she owned previously. Indeed, she admits that the selling decision had been forced by circumstances. This happened about 27 years back and today Tracy has been reunited with Maiden which is a yacht made famous on British waters. The yacht has taken out the first all female crew to cover the oceans of the world. It gained historic importance, but was left in a shipyard by the Indian Ocean.

This yacht has been rescued from the time Edwards was forced to sell it as there were financial problems. The yacht had gained second position in 1989 when the Whitbread Round the World yacht race had been held. Since its sale it was lying in neglect and disrepair and would have landed up as scraps. Thankfully, it was rescued before that from a marina area of Seychelles. Edwards learned about the location of the boat when marina owners informed her that they were about to sell it for scraps. Tracy had been 22 when she had steered the boat to the second place finish after completing a round trip across the oceans of the world. When she heard of the state of the boat, she repurchased the yacht and got it restored to its former glory. Today she is a decorated sailor woman who has received Yachtsman of Year award. She is now hoping to raise funds to get the boat back to the UK.

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