Charleston – Finish City of Transatlantic Sailing Race

The most historical race of solo ocean sailing in the world, known as the transatlantic will have Charleston as the endpoint, the coming year. Charleston is the largest and also the oldest city in the United States of South Carolina. This is for the first time that a thing like this is going to happen.

This race has been named as “The Transat”.  The race will be beginning in France’s Brittany region in May the next year. The participants for this race have to sail a total of 3,500 miles. All the talented sailors will arrive in Charleston later on that day which coincides with the 350th anniversary of the city as well.


Opening of Irish Sailing Performance HQ Leads to an Olympic Boost

The establishment of the headquarters f Irish Sailing High Performance has led to a sudden boost in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics for Ireland. The opening of the headquarters in Dun Laoghaire Harbor was done at a cost of €300,000 that was wholly funded by the Irish Sailing Foundation. This is also known to be first base ever established for the Sailing Team of the Irish.

Sailors counting up to thirteen will be based in the headquarters. Among these sailors who are silver medalists are also a part. Some names include Annaise Murphey along with Kate Tingle. They will be seen as a fresh sailing duo. Annalise was reported as saying that the launch of the headquarters will boost the morale of the sailors as it will give them a better platform to train as a team and to share new and old experiences. She said that it will only help to get a better performance of the Irish sailors especially now, seeing that the Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner.

The HQ aims to provide better training opportunities to Ireland’s sailors. The HQ also gives improves educational platform of these sailors. The motive is to enhance the capacity of winning more medals in international competitions. The whole move is seen to be a big step in the path to making Ireland wins more medals in its sailing journey. The head coach of the Irish Sailing Performance- Rory Fitzpatrick also believes the same.

Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’ Connor officially opened the HQ and said that the facility will prove to be highly beneficial in not only the Olympics but also the long run.

Even the Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Sailing- Harry Hermon said that the HQ will help in giving Irish Sailing a shape and focus and is an amazing step when it comes to development at the global stage.

The World Is Shaken By Ben Ainslie

Mr. Ben Ainslie has surely shaken the world by extreme end step related to his America’s Cup group taken in partnership with INEOS. INEOS happens to be one of the world’s biggest makers of synthetic concoctions and oil items and it has been reported that the company has furrowed £110 million. According to him, the step can be justified for bringing his place’s i.e. – Britain the seasoned global trophy back.

One of the most major deals with this partnership stands with the company holding the rights over the name which would no longer contain any of Ainslie’s name or abbreviation and hence his name now would never again be the framing structure or skeleton name of the group.

Sailing’s 2018 World Cup Series Final Venue Finally Selected

World Sailing World Cup Series Final (WSWCSF) in 2018 will head to Marseille, France. It will be the host city for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.

The World Cup Series (WCS) is the absolute guide to the best-of-the-best in Olympic sailing with very clear objectives to develop and showcase Olympic sailing, engage sports fans, create sporting heroes and excite broadcasters and sponsors.

Second Day Of Final Series Of 29er World Championship 2018

The final series of the 29er World Championship was on during the weekend and the second day before the finals proved to be brisk and windy. The previous day the racing was cancelled at the breeze proved to be much above the wind limit of 29er with gusts moving at 50 knots and more.

The 58 teams that come in from 11 countries are now separated into two teams of silver and gold fleets. There is a total of nine countries now that are vying for the trophy which are Hong Kong, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand and France. On the second day before the finals the sailors had to stay on shore till the breeze came down to a moderate level. Racing was then on, off the Stanley area with a north easterly breeze blowing with a speed of 22 knots.

One race was successfully completed as the breeze held and the lead kept changing. Teams pushed hard and tried to go faster. The pace was frenzied and the pressure also led to some teams losing control and capsizing even. The breeze kept building and in the second race, the fleet was able to get much headway. However, as the gusts increased the race was abandoned after the first lap was more or less completed. Into the final day the New Zealand team was found to be leading along with Hong Kong and France is close behind. Among these teams the Hong Kong team is a mixed one. The silver fleet was not in strength in this day and stayed on shore. In this category the Australian teams dominated in the first three positions. The finals are yet to be seen and known as to who would take away the prize which would be given out at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Resuming The Sailors Of Next Generation

As the fame of age-based competition in the only youth institutional-type boats, introducing the young teenage sailors to other sides of the sport has become a challenge now.

Earlier what used to happened organically now requires the extra effort.

An example, one design classes have started programs to provide loaner boats to the qualified young sailors. The Lightning class boats was a leader in this movement, with sailor Miia Newman selected as a recipient of its annual boat grant 2017.

Newman says, “Sailing is a one sport, which could be competitive in the entire life. I love the fact that I am never supposed to stop, and I can always look forward to sailboat racing competitions and regattas as my getaways for the weekend. For me, Sailing is not just a hobby, instead it is more than that; it is a community. On weekends, when I travel to race, it is, primarily, an excuse to opt a road trip with a few of my close friends to go see my sailing family.” (more…)

Optimist World Championship To See A Large Turnout

Optimist World Championship 2017 is expected to have a record-breaking participation.

It is anticipated that the event will see the participation of 280 sailors from 62 nations. Theevent is scheduled from July 11th to 21st at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya, Thailand.

Thomas Whitcraft, The President of the Optimist World Championship 2017 said that the event will be a record–breaker with the huge number of sailors competing and a number of countries participating. This year’s event is remarkable with many Asian countries taking part after several years of absence. The Asian countries represented will include China, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Myanmar, UAE, and India. The teams from the South American Continent will include Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

The Optimist World Championship will include two titles the Optimist Individual World Championship (IWC) And the Optimist Team Racing World Championship (TRWC).

Whitcraft said that it is exciting to see the young sailors from Thailand competing with the best sailors
that the world has to offer. The participants from Thai include Intira Parnpiboon, SaranwongPoonpat, Panwa Boonnak, Jed taveeYongyuennarn and Paliga Poonpat. (more…)

Tracy Edwards Buys Back Yacht

Many sailors get attached to their boats and with good reason.

They are expensive and lifetime investments for many. Often, many are forced to sell off their yachts, either for economic reasons or to move on to bigger or better investments. Some, however, develop an attachment to their boat that remains even if they are forced to sell it off. For instance, Tracy Edwards, who is skipper for a world sailing crew, was reunited with a yacht she owned previously. Indeed, she admits that the selling decision had been forced by circumstances. This happened about 27 years back and today Tracy has been reunited with Maiden which is a yacht made famous on British waters. The yacht has taken out the first all female crew to cover the oceans of the world. It gained historic importance, but was left in a shipyard by the Indian Ocean. (more…)

Who Will Be The Director Of RYA?

John Derbyshire OBE is going to retire from the RYA’s Racing programs. He is retiring from the position of latterly Director of Racing and Olympic Manager.

And it is not that the John Derbyshire OBE is retiring in 2017, another big personality from sailing is also leaving the organization and he is Olympic Manager Stephen Park.

Now, RYA is looking for two outstanding candidates that will lead sailing sport in the United Kingdom. RYA needs growth of racing in the United Kingdom, the British Sailing Team and World Class Program for the Tokyo 2020 cycle and even after that. (more…)

Focus On British BAR Team

There is a lot at stake in the British team of Sir Ben Ainslie, who are participating in the final lap of the America’s Cup World Series.

The catamaran of foiling prototypes that this 130 crew member team is sailing is an 80 million pound investment by the Land Rover BAR team. This team has been successful in attaining a leading position so far in the nine event series of this competition. The fans are hoping that the Auld Mug would be won back to Britain with this team this year.

The team is hoping to maintain their top position in the Fukuoka waters of Japan. They would need to win about two bonus points which will help add on a psychological advantage factor for the team as they move to Bermuda waters for the qualifier event for next year after this. They would have to defeat teams from New Zealand as well as Sweden, France and Japan besides keeping off the defending champions for the event, the Oracle US team to stay on top. (more…)