Tracy Edwards Buys Back Yacht

Many sailors get attached to their boats and with good reason.

They are expensive and lifetime investments for many. Often, many are forced to sell off their yachts, either for economic reasons or to move on to bigger or better investments. Some, however, develop an attachment to their boat that remains even if they are forced to sell it off. For instance, Tracy Edwards, who is skipper for a world sailing crew, was reunited with a yacht she owned previously. Indeed, she admits that the selling decision had been forced by circumstances. This happened about 27 years back and today Tracy has been reunited with Maiden which is a yacht made famous on British waters. The yacht has taken out the first all female crew to cover the oceans of the world. It gained historic importance, but was left in a shipyard by the Indian Ocean. (more…)

Who Will Be The Director Of RYA?

John Derbyshire OBE is going to retire from the RYA’s Racing programs. He is retiring from the position of latterly Director of Racing and Olympic Manager.

And it is not that the John Derbyshire OBE is retiring in 2017, another big personality from sailing is also leaving the organization and he is Olympic Manager Stephen Park.

Now, RYA is looking for two outstanding candidates that will lead sailing sport in the United Kingdom. RYA needs growth of racing in the United Kingdom, the British Sailing Team and World Class Program for the Tokyo 2020 cycle and even after that. (more…)

Focus On British BAR Team

There is a lot at stake in the British team of Sir Ben Ainslie, who are participating in the final lap of the America’s Cup World Series.

The catamaran of foiling prototypes that this 130 crew member team is sailing is an 80 million pound investment by the Land Rover BAR team. This team has been successful in attaining a leading position so far in the nine event series of this competition. The fans are hoping that the Auld Mug would be won back to Britain with this team this year.

The team is hoping to maintain their top position in the Fukuoka waters of Japan. They would need to win about two bonus points which will help add on a psychological advantage factor for the team as they move to Bermuda waters for the qualifier event for next year after this. They would have to defeat teams from New Zealand as well as Sweden, France and Japan besides keeping off the defending champions for the event, the Oracle US team to stay on top. (more…)

US Disabled Sailing Event 2016

Dee Smith was the winner of the US Disabled sailing championship, which was held last weekend, from 18th to 20th November in Florida. The sailors were in fleets of boats that are of 2.4mR design.

The fleet comprised of twelve sailboats which raced in a total of nine races. There were three races that were held on Friday, two races on Saturday and four races on Sunday – see the results here.

The first days of the race had shifty and light winds, while the final day had more wind for the participants to race with. Smith was able to win in seven races which totaled over three days. The title race was won and there was still one race that was remaining. Smith stated that every day there were several improvements seen in the fleet, though he was responsible for giving out instructions as well. Smith has several credentials to his belt. (more…)

Sail Shebogyan Hosts US Team Racing

Sail Shebogyan hosts the US Team Racing Championship annually. In this annual event that will be held soon, there would be several sailor teams who would be competing from diverse racial backgrounds and disciplines.

The trophy that is given out at this tournament is a historic one, called the George R. Hinman trophy. The event has a special significance as well. It leads to teams qualifying for the 2017 Team Racing World Championship and the successful teams will get to represent US. Those who have won this regatta in the past have gone on to win at the World championship as well.

This event which is considered premier in team racing is invitational for participants, and comes with a first prize of a week’s Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik. The event was first held in the year 11981. Today it is one of the hottest championship events in town. It is a great opportunity for sailors from different colleges and post collegiate courses and streams to participate. The teams who are interested can apply by sending in their resumes stating their achievements. The championship usually features races that include teams of three or six people in each boat. Hence, there can be teams with three skippers who man three boats and crews. (more…)

World Sailing And Rolex

Rolex had started off with sponsorships for the World Sailor of the Year title and this year they are extending the same. World Sailing announced that recently and many are excited with the prospect of the title wins involving the legendary timepieces of Rolex.

It has been the title sponsor for this category for several years, from 2001. The awards are the highest form of honor or recognition that men and women sailors can achieve. With the trophy each winner gets a specially engraved Rolex watch. (more…)

Best yacht racers in Victoria

Michael Brown, the Gladstone resident and former Port Curtis Sailing Club member, outclassed a world-class field to snatch his 6th Australian Impulse Championship Meet recently at the Gippsland Lakes in Victorian town of Paynesville.

Brown, who stays in Newcastle, used fast-start tricks, and they worked to ne plus ultra, on his boat named Z in the primary stages of the ten-day race. Speaking about his strategy, Brown told that it was very tight and he had the jump on Glenn quite early in the series where he won 4 of the first 4 races in the first 2 days.

He stated that this let him take control and he was able to stay ahead. He added that the wind dropped away during the mid-stage of the race that brought in new challenges. It was the toughest with the light winds in the middle and this was the toughest part, but he was at home when it got rough in the last 2 days.

It was his 2nd successive win after his victory in the series in Yeppoon previous year with a triple treats of victories in the 2000s.

David Mann of PCSC was the best-performed present Gladstone yachty, ending 6th (of 46) in his yacht, Tarfun, in the contest that began on 29th December and ended on Sunday. Three more Gladstone sailors, Ray Hobbs, John Ibell, and Maria Mohrholz, ended in thirty-fifth, thirty-ninth and fortieth spot respectively.

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